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Case Studies

Double support for digital health technologies A partnership between Translate and the Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ) is helping put University of Bradford research projects on a stronger footing towards commercialisation. DHEZ is a £13 million partnership funded by BT, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and the UK government. Led by the University of […]

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For Translate to achieve its aim of helping Leeds city region universities turn their most promising medical technology research into products that will benefit patients, the programme needs to draw in other partners necessary to the process: industry and clinicians. MediLink – with its extensive network of healthcare organisations and companies – is the perfect […]

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More than a million people in the UK are expected to be living with some form of dementia by 2025. Assistive technologies are crucial to tackling this growing challenge, to address complex issues in independence and care. Leeds City Region universities have extensive expertise in dementia care and support and in developing assistive technologies. The […]

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Diagnosis and characterisation of wounds is vital to ensure that the right treatment is given first time – yet nearly a third of the 2.2 million wounds treated annually by the NHS remain undiagnosed. This issue was therefore an obvious theme to choose for a joint workshop between Translate and the NIHR Wound Prevention and […]

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