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Developing the design of exoskeletal mechanisms- Sean Yong

Date published: 03/10/18

Developing the design of exoskeletal mechanisms

  • Name: Sean Yong
  • Current Organisation: University of Leeds

In May, Translate opened its summer student project scheme to support small medical technology development projects in the Leeds City Region. The scheme proved to be a massive success and 26 unique projects were funded. Learn more about their work in this blog.

My name is Sean Yong and I am a currently pursuing my studies in mechanical engineering at the University of Leeds. I am passionate in the subject of design, especially CAD, and have a keen interest in medical engineering, particularly in therapeutic and rehabilitative technology. Presently, I am undergoing a summer internship in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, in the robotics department under the close supervision of Dr Zhiqiang Zhang. During this internship I am researching, designing and materialising a prototype passively powered exoskeletal knee brace that functions as a rehabilitative/protective mechanism for post-surgical patients.

The main objectives of this summer project are to explore and research the potential of soft actuators/elastomers in rehabilitative technology. These are more versatile, lighter and potentially more effective than conventional rigid materials used in rehabilitative technology. This project will also serve to develop our understanding of exoskeletal designs used in the current industry and to potentially improve them. This project is mainly design orientated and will provide me with ample research knowledge and practice on designing skills.