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About my secondment: Sareen Galbraith – drafting-in a Consultant Neurologist

Date published: 09/04/18

Secondments: Sareen Galbraith

Sareen is a Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science at Leeds Beckett University, developing a new collaboration with Axxonet Global Limited and its Indian partner, Axxonet System Technologies India.

Her research with Axxonet aims to develop sensitive and reproducible sensor measurements of movement in Parkinson’s disease patients that will complement specialist neurological assessment.

Sareen used the Translate: Me Secondment Scheme to fund visits to meet with a Parkinson’s Disease Patient Group to get the view of the end-user, and to second-in a consultant neurologist specialising in treating Parkinson’s Disease patients and collaborate in the design of her glove technology – to ensure clinically relevant results are delivered.

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