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The Future of Med Tech in the Leeds City Region: Translate in Action

The Future of Med Tech in the Leeds City Region: Translate in Action

date_range Event date: 25/04/17

location_on Leeds

This free to attend, one-day event will bring together key Med Tech experts from the Leeds City Region and beyond to discuss: Opportunities and challenges faced by the sector, technologies that are moving closer to market, and innovation understanding and capacity

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The hidden secrets of our blood: a test for cancer and congenital defects

date_range Event date: 08/02/17

location_on University of Bradford, Norcroft Centre, Main Campus

Using a simple blood sample, much information about an individual and his children can be obtained. The University of Bradford has conducted two recent studies. Study 1: To detect if a person might be prone to developing cancer. This study investigated responses from lymphocytes in blood from healthy  individuals, suspected or pre- cancerous patients, and […]

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Always Wear Sunscreen? Causes, Consequences and “Cures” of Damage to DNA – Dr Chris Cooper

date_range Event date: 15/02/17

location_on University of Huddersfield, Canalside West Building

Over 60 years ago, the molecular structure of DNA was determined by Crick, Watson, Wilkins and Franklin, becoming one of the most iconic and well-recognised molecules. In every minute of every day of our lives, the DNA in our cells is subjected to a barrage of chemical and physical insults. It is well known that […]

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Skin disorders go for therapy: How rare diseases pave the way for translational research – Dr Hans Hennies

date_range Event date: 18/01/17

location_on University of Huddersfield

Rare diseases are rare: by definition, a rare disease affects less than 5 in 10,000 people. However, rare diseases are in fact common, as between 6,000 and 8,000 different rare diseases are known; this adds up to more than 4 million people with a rare disease in the UK. Rare diseases are neglected, they are […]

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Robots will replace Surgeons

date_range Event date: 15/03/17

location_on University of Bradford, Norcroft Centre

This Lecture entitled ‘Robots will replace surgeons’, part of the Cantor Technology Lecture Series, will outline the importance of developing new technologies in Health. The lecture will be delivered by Mr Shafi Ahmed. Shafi is a Consultant Surgeon at The Royal London Hospital in London. Mr Shafi Ahmed qualified from Kings College Hospital Medical School […]

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Advancing Tissue and Regenerative Engineering in UK Medicine

date_range Event date: 03/04/17

location_on Crewe Hall, Weston Rd, Haslington, Crewe CW1 6UZ

ATREUM is a UK based conference and workshop, spearheaded by the E-TERM Fellows, which will help to set the future direction of UK TERM research. Here, selected Early Career Researchers will work with leaders in the field to define, direct and deliver the future of translational UK TERM research. Focusing on 5 key themes, ECRs […]

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