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The hidden secrets of our blood: a test for cancer and congenital defects

date_range Event date: 08/02/17

access_time 18:00 - 19:30

location_on University of Bradford, Norcroft Centre, Main Campus

Using a simple blood sample, much information about an individual and his children can be obtained.

The University of Bradford has conducted two recent studies.

Study 1: To detect if a person might be prone to developing cancer. This study investigated responses from lymphocytes in blood from healthy  individuals, suspected or pre- cancerous patients, and cancer patients in a simple test known as the Comet assay which detects DNA damage. There was a difference in levels of damage between cancer patients and healthy individuals, and suspected  or precancerous individuals  had intermediate values.

Study 2: Smoking Dads were found to pass on more DNA damage to their children than Mums. Blood was taken from father, mother and baby triads (cord blood was used from the babies). Hopeful dads should allow three months to pass without smoking before conception to allow the damaged DNA to be eliminated from their reproductive system.

This lecture given by Diana Anderson,  Professor of Biomedical Science and Established Chair at the University of Bradford will discuss these studies and the implications of their findings.

Universities are no longer ivory towers and play a key role in the emergence of the knowledge economy to tackle some of the challenges of the 21st Century. Through events and lectures the University of Bradford aims to share its knowledge and engage in conversations with the public on some of these challenges.

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