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Inaugural Professorial Lecture – Wound Care: Past, Present and Future – Is there Patient Involvement?

date_range Event date: 28/03/17

location_on University of Huddersfield

Wound Care: Past, Present and Future – Is there Patient Involvement? Wounds are any break to the skin, including pressure ulcers (bed sores), leg ulcers, surgical wounds, diabetic foot ulcers and skin tears. They can be painful, infected, reduce mobility, and reduce quality of life. They cost the health service approximately £4.5–5.1 billion annually, two-thirds […]

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Digital Challenge Workshop- Innovative Technology to Support Mental Health

date_range Event date: 16/03/17

location_on Digital Exchange 34 Peckover Street Bradford BD1 5BD

Information and Technology experts are invited to develop a new audio-visual technology package to allow mental health service-users to remotely-access and participate in ‘Recovery Colleges’. Recovery Colleges are educational courses about mental health and recovery, created to increase service users’ knowledge and skills and promote their self-management, allowing them to get on with life despite […]

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Robots will replace Surgeons

date_range Event date: 15/03/17

location_on University of Bradford, Norcroft Centre

This Lecture entitled ‘Robots will replace surgeons’, part of the Cantor Technology Lecture Series, will outline the importance of developing new technologies in Health. The lecture will be delivered by Mr Shafi Ahmed. Shafi is a Consultant Surgeon at The Royal London Hospital in London. Mr Shafi Ahmed qualified from Kings College Hospital Medical School […]

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Corporate Wisdom with Gisela Abbam, GE Healthcare

date_range Event date: 27/02/17

location_on Leeds University Business School, Maurice Keyworth Building, Lecture Theatre G.02

‘Medical Technology Innovation’ Leeds University Business School are delighted to welcome Gisela Abbam, Global Executive Director at GE Healthcare. This presentation, followed by networking will focus on medical technology innovation for both high technology and low resource settings. Further details and registration>>

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School of Medicine Inaugural Lecture – Professor Hemant Pandit

date_range Event date: 21/02/17

location_on University of Leeds, Medical Lecture Theatre, Level 7, Worsley Building, Clarendon Way

You are invited to the Inaugural Lecture to be given by Professor Hemant Pandit, Professor of Orthopaedics entitled:- “Bone Setters to Biomedical Engineers” Hemant currently holds the post of Professor of Orthopaedics (University of Leeds) and Honorary Consultant Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust (based at Chapel Allerton Hospital for his clinical work). He is Director of […]

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Always Wear Sunscreen? Causes, Consequences and “Cures” of Damage to DNA – Dr Chris Cooper

date_range Event date: 15/02/17

location_on University of Huddersfield, Canalside West Building

Over 60 years ago, the molecular structure of DNA was determined by Crick, Watson, Wilkins and Franklin, becoming one of the most iconic and well-recognised molecules. In every minute of every day of our lives, the DNA in our cells is subjected to a barrage of chemical and physical insults. It is well known that […]

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