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ICT and E-Health

A key driver for the development of ICT and E-Health has been the push towards developing electronic patient records and better connectivity between core NHS systems. But this is only part of this large and diverse area.  Other areas include sensors for tracking health and wellbeing – largely driven by the consumer demand for such devices – and the NHS desire to enable people with long term conditions to live independently and monitor their condition without intervention from others.

The Leeds City Region is home to the Digital Health Enterprise Zone (DHEZ), a partnership between the University of Bradford, Bradford City Council, and BT.  The project focusses on bringing together innovative companies and academics to develop new digital products for the healthcare sector.  Activities are based around two sites, one to promote collaborative working to enable the development of new technology, and one as a ‘test bed’ to enable new technologies to be tested and evaluated in a clinical setting.

Our partner universities have significant expertise in this area, with great potential for application:

  • Software and mobile application development
  • Serious gaming
  • Active and healthy lifestyle promotion
  • Novel applications of sensors and wearable technology
  • Virtual surgery
  • Algorithm development, signal analysis, and artificial intelligence
  • Human computer interaction
  • Real time systems

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