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We translate: ideas and inventions into commercial opportunities and clinical applications

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We translate: cutting-edge innovation processes into bespoke skills development programmes

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We translate: clinical and commercial needs into industry-inspired collaborative research

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Grow MedTech call: Apply for up to £80k funding

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Apply for up to £80k funding: De-risking and converging medical technologies call Businesses, researchers and clinicians working in fields linked to medical technologies are invited to apply for proof-of-market, proof-of-feasibility and proof-of-concept funding. Grow MedTech is a new program that supports medical technology innovation in the Leeds and Sheffield City Regions and looks to fund […]

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Sustainability of Translate: additional funding secured


Sustainability of Translate Translate has secured funding until the end of 2020 to continue to support innovation in medical technologies in the Leeds City Region. This funding will be used to continue supporting Translate activities which have demonstrated success throughout the duration of the program. Activities available will include: secondment scheme – with 20 secondments […]

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Case Studies

Investment-ready early-stage tech innovation – a KEC practitioner’s guide

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This good-practice guide explains how focusing on early-stage innovation in a proactive way – through activities that identify problems, generate new ideas, and build productive teams – leads technology innovation projects to success and later-stage adoption.

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Translate: Summer Student Projects 2018

In May 2018, Translate opened its summer student project scheme to support the progression of medical technologies. The scheme proved to be a great success, and 26 unique projects were funded. Read about them here.

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Top tips for collaborative innovation

Liz Towns Andrews is a member of Translate’s Advisory Board, where her expertise in forging links between the worlds of business and academia has been invaluable. Here, she shares her advice for successful collaborative innovation.

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Developing the diagnostic capability of CEAS-Alaa Nassar


The main aim of my summer student project was to develop new diagnostic tools for extracting clinical features from the cornea

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Low-cost laparoscopic (key hole) surgical equipment for developing countries- Will Bolton & Pete Culmer


This project has given us the data required to translate this technology to the next stage along the innovation pipeline.

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Our partners

Translate: Medical Technologies in the Leeds City Region is a partnership of universities in the Leeds City Region with world-class expertise in the development of new medical technologies.

Translate will develop nationally leading capability in Medical Technology Innovation in the Leeds City Region, establishing a sustainable community of academic, industry and clinical partners that are connected and committed to working in partnership to deliver a strong local economy and patient benefits.

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