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Accelerating medical technology innovation

We engage with clinicians to understand unmet clinical needs, inspire our researchers, help develop new technologies, and ensure our project plans are practical, sensible and feasible.

We support clinicians by finding academic partners who can help develop their technology ideas, or provide solutions to unmet clinical needs.

We will:

  • Connect clinicians to research excellence and cutting edge science and technology in the Leeds City Region
  • Actively involve clinicians in shaping the direction of research
  • Work with clinicians to ensure that technology ideas have a clearly defined clinical application

Our dedicated Technology Innovation Managers have:

  • Professional experience of the Medical Technologies sector
  • Knowledge and insight of the requirements and opportunities presented by the market
  • Confidence to engage successfully with clinicians and researchers from across the disciplines to achieve technology progression

We also offer:

Secondments provide an opportunity for researchers to temporarily take up a role in a clinical setting, with travel and accommodation funded by the Translate programme.

We also encourage secondments-in, allowing academics and researchers to host clinicians in a university environment.

If you wish to access opportunities within the Leeds City Region, get in touch.

Translate Gateway

Translate will connect clinicians, companies, intermediary organisations, and funders with an interest in medical technologies with our academic partners.

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