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‘Clasp’ glove sensors for monitoring Parkinson’s disease – Sareen Galbraith

Date published: 13/06/18

Working with old and new collaborations

Developing the “Clasp” for neurological diseases

My name is Sareen Galbraith and my research group focuses on neurological infections and disease. My first incoming Translate secondment brought a consultant neurologist, Dr Walied Mowafi, from Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust to Leeds Beckett University. We worked to develop a prototype “Clasp” glove sensor, manufactured by Axxonet System Technologies, Pvt. Ltd., India, for monitoring Parkinson’s disease.  During this secondment, my collaborator on the project, Professor Dorothy Monekosso, developed a partnership with Professor Peter Garrard, a consultant neurologist from St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust London who is an expert in treating dementia.

Axxonet have manufactured further “Clasp” glove sensors for measurement of upper limb movement tasks in the dementia patients. This secondment allows me to visit London and have Prof Garrard  work with us to design upper limb movement tasks to provide clinically relevant measurements. The “Clasp” glove sensors will be used to measure the upper limb movement tasks in Alzheimer’s disease patients and healthy volunteers.

This secondment opportunity strengthens my collaboration with Axxonet and Prof Monekosso and develops a new one with Prof Peter Garrard. It provides the opportunity to develop the “Clasp” glove sensors for monitoring patients with dementia as Parkinson’s disease patients. This secondment will provide further support for Axxonet’s feasibility study to manufacture and supply inexpensive “Clasp” gloves for the NHS at their subsidiary Axxonet Global Ltd. in Bradford.