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UV exposure control system for laboratory diagnostics- Aun Ahmed

Date published: 27/09/18

UV Exposure Control System for laboratory diagnostics

  • Name: Aun Ahmed
  • Current Organisation: University of Bradford

In May, Translate opened its summer student project scheme to support small medical technology development projects in the Leeds City Region. The scheme proved to be a massive success and 26 unique projects were funded. Learn more about their work in this blog.

My name is Aun Ahmed and after finishing my BEng degree in Medical Engineering, I was looking for a way to apply my knowledge and build on the skills that I had acquired. This summer research project is allowing me to do just that, and is providing relevant experience in my field of interest.

The main aspect of this project is to design, model, build and program a UV exposure control system. The reason for building this device is that the research incorporated into it is innovative, and can help change the face of laboratory diagnostics. Currently, biopsies are used for many diagnostic procedures; however, they can often be long and inaccurate. This new method was therefore developed, that is as easy as a simple blood test.

I have been working on an exposure system that was modelled and then translated into Solidworks. There were many trial and error experiments we had to go through that meant the designs required considerable alterations. The final designs were then sent to be cut and milled in the workshop. I am also working with programming the Arduino Nano to control the UV light control system, which will allow us to have complete control over the duration of the exposure system.

I am applying and relying upon various aspects of past knowledge gained from my degree, such as using 3D cad-cam Solidworks software, and healthcare technology skills such as designing and building medical instruments.

This project has allowed me to think outside of the box in designing the perfect application, work independently to find creative solutions to problems and build my confidence in working to convert theory and paper ideas into concrete tangible products.