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Research Based Innovations in Healthy Ageing Symposium

date_range Event date: 23/05/17

access_time 09:00 – 16:00

location_on Horizon, Leeds, LS10 1JR

Research Based Innovations in Healthy Ageing Symposium

Leeds Beckett University presents Research Based Innovations in Healthy Ageing Symposium. This free to attend event will consist of a number of academic presentations on innovative evidence based approaches that range from nutritional and exercise to behavioural interventions, as a means to promote healthy ageing.

The number of older people is growing faster than any other age group. As age increases health needs can become more complex and costly. The health and economic benefits of maintaining healthy ageing and quality of life in this age group is therefore of particular interest and provides a sound rationale to underpin interventions that are new, effective and financially viable.

Although population ageing is a success for humanity it presents a number of challenges of which age-related sarcopenia is one. Sarcopenia is defined as the presence of low muscle mass, together with either low muscle strength or low physical performance. This natural deterioration contrasts with the need to maintain muscle mass and physical function so fundamental to promoting health and independence with age. The impact of good muscle mass for the prevention of falls, fracture and disability is also relevant. Falls and consequent injuries are a major public health problem because of a need for hospitalisation, and subsequent increases in morbidity and mortality.

Presentations include;

  • Muscle wasting and muscle quality as contributors to weakness in old age
    Dr Jamie McPhee, Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Sarcopenia and protein energy malnutrition in older people: needs, challenges and solutions
    Dr Theocharis Ispoglou, Dr Helen White
  • Appetite and energy balance relating to loss of muscle mass
    Dr Kevin Deighton
  • Interplay between anabolic resistance, sarcopenic obesity, insulin resistance and type II diabetes
    Dr Oliver Wilson
  • Age related vascular changes in the brain and neck and the relationship with vascular dementia
    Professor Clive Beggs
  • Self-management strategies for physically active people with type I diabetes
    Dr Matthew Campbell
  • Muscle wasting in chronic inflammatory conditions: from mechanisms to interventions
    Dr Antonis Stavropoulos
  • Evidence based exercise solutions for osteoporosis and fracture prevention
    Dr Karen Hind

Panel discussion and Q&A

• This symposium event is free to attend.
• Refreshments and Lunch will be served.
• The nearest car park is situated at the back of Waterloo Road (directly off Kendall Street) *Chargable

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