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Need access to industry or clinicians to develop your medical technology? Apply for a Translate Secondment

Date published: 15/02/18

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Need access to industry or clinicians to develop your medical technology? Apply for a Translate Secondment

Researchers developing medical technologies can apply for support and funding to gain fresh insights from new environments.

Translate has funding to support 10 secondment opportunities to enable researchers to temporarily take up a role in a complementary organisation, or to host a clinician or industrialist.

Secondment support on offer

Technology innovation managers provide a package of support tailored to the secondees’ individual needs. The support provided could include:

  • guidance and advice pre-application
  • identifying a placement suited to your needs
  • introduction to academics in other institutions
  • contact with clinicians
  • help to identify an industry specialist
  • provide up to £2500 to cover the cost of travel and accommodation

The secondment host

A host organisation can come from across the sector. Examples include hospitals and healthcare providers, companies, innovation teams, international laboratories, and more.

Incoming secondment placements

A secondment-in maybe more suited to your needs: allowing academics and researchers to host clinicians, industrialists or innovation specialists.

Need inspiration?

A video series has been launched to showcase the benefits of industry, clinical and academic secondments for researchers with an interest in medical technology development.

To see the campaign films visit: http://www.translate-medtech.ac.uk/news/video-campaign-will-inspire-potential-medtech-secondments/

You can also follow the campaign on Twitter @translatemedtec, Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/company/translate-medtech, Youtube Playlist

Also read about the experiences of Translate secondees on the Translate blog,

How to apply

For full details on the scheme, deadlines and how to apply visit: http://www.translate-medtech.ac.uk/translate-me/

Closing date

Applications to be submitted by 28 March 2018, Activities must be completed by31 October 2018

About Translate

Translate: Me is an initiative to enhance and embed medical technology innovation know-how across the Leeds City Region, offered by Translate.

The Translate programme is a partnership of universities in the Leeds City Region with world-class expertise in the development of new medical technologies. Translate’s mission is to establish a sustainable community of academic, industry and clinical partners that are connected and committed to working in partnership to deliver a strong local economy and patient benefits.

The programme is financed by the HEFCE Catalyst Fund. The fund aims to drive innovation in the Higher Education sector, enhance excellence and efficiency in HE, and support innovative solutions.