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We translate: ideas and inventions into commercial opportunities and clinical applications

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We translate: cutting-edge innovation processes into bespoke skills development programmes

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We translate: clinical and commercial needs into industry-inspired collaborative research

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This is engineering: changing the image of our profession

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  This is engineering: changing the image of our profession This is Engineering is a new multi-year campaign led by the Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with eleven major engineering organisations. Translate is proud to be a supporter of this campaign. The campaign will change the perception of engineering amongst young people aged 13-18 through […]

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HGF IP in Healthcare Conference 2018

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date_range Event date: 27/03/18

Join us for the latest updates on intellectual property issues in the pharmaceutical, life science, and medical device fields at HGF’s fourth annual IP in Healthcare Conference.

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Translate: Me – Public and Patient Involvement


date_range Event date: 11/04/18

This workshop aims to raise awareness about the benefits of involvement, help researchers think about how and when to involve public, patients and carers, and offers researchers a chance to develop a plan for involvement through activities and discussion.

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MRC Translation Programmes Information Session

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date_range Event date: 03/05/18

Dr Louise Jones; MRC Head of Translational Research will visit Leeds on Thursday 3 May 2018 to give a presentation with a following Q&A session on the Translational Funding Streams offered by the MRC.

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Translate: Me – NHS Strategy and Adoption/ Market Assessment

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date_range Event date: 26/06/18

This one-day workshop will look at how to start innovating in the NHS context, and will provide you with the practical tools to assess your research for potential in a healthcare setting. Using real case studies, we’ll explore how innovation works in the NHS, the opportunities and potential pitfalls to avoid when developing your research into something that can benefit patients.

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Case Studies

About my secondment: Steve Smith – testing technology with patients and clinicians

Steve is a Professor of Electronics at the University of York, developing technology that measures the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

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The value of training – together, Dr Danielle Miles

Danielle Miles

As both a PhD student and a post-doc researcher, I was never shy about taking up any training opportunities that were offered to me – and that’s the reason I’m working in medtech today. My background is in chemistry, and my interest in finding applications for my research led me first to biomaterials, then to biomedical engineering and finally to medtech. All these moves were spurred on by training I took part in.

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About my secondment: Elena Mancuso – facilitating the innovation cycle

Picture of Elena Mancuso Secondment Video

Elena is a Research Fellow in the IMPRESS network at the University of Leeds (Incontinence Management and Prevention through Engineering and Sciences), developing new technologies for managing and treating incontinence and incontinence-related problems.

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Career Development – Dr Andrew Aldridge


My name is Dr. Andrew Aldridge and I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher working in the field of Regenerative Medicine, specifically the use of adult stem cells in combination with tissue scaffolds.

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Informing research through an insider perspective at the UK’s largest human tissue bank – Fiona Walker



My name is Fiona Walker and as a senior research technician at the University of Leeds, I support the research and development of novel biological scaffolds. These scaffolds, produced from animal and human tissues, offer a non-immunogenic and cell-free scaffold to aid in the repair of diseased or damaged tissue for patients. They have the capacity to overcome the limitations associated traditional transplant grafts.

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Towards an application for the diagnosis of motor disorders – Thomas Richards

Thomas Richards


I am Tom Richards, a PhD student at the University of Leeds, just entering my final year. My interests lie in mapping neural pathways involved in movement in order to determine how muscles are interconnected.

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Translate: Medical Technologies in the Leeds City Region is a partnership of universities in the Leeds City Region with world-class expertise in the development of new medical technologies.

Translate will develop nationally leading capability in Medical Technology Innovation in the Leeds City Region, establishing a sustainable community of academic, industry and clinical partners that are connected and committed to working in partnership to deliver a strong local economy and patient benefits.

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