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We translate: ideas and inventions into commercial opportunities and clinical applications

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We translate: cutting-edge innovation processes into bespoke skills development programmes

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We translate: clinical and commercial needs into industry-inspired collaborative research

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Med tech sector invited to voice opinion into Government audit



Professionals working in the med tech sector are being urged to complete an online survey to map out local research, innovation and infrastructure strengths across the UK. The survey will contribute to a Science and Innovation Audit (SIA) on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy, to understand the Leeds City Region’s […]

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Translate: Me – Raise Your Game: Managing your own visibility and impact


date_range Event date: 09/11/17

This session is designed for research staff and students with an interest in medical technologies innovation, looking to use social media professionally as an individual. The day will introduce participants to managing and raising their professional profile through the use of traditional and social media; and communicating research and its significance outside academia. In an era where we are globally connected through digital and social media, self-promotion is a skill that modern academics must develop to raise the profile of their research and gain maximum impact for their work.

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Case Studies

Matching emerging technologies with growing markets


Matching emerging technologies with growing markets The small, sensitive and low-cost silicon biosensor technologies being developed by Professor Thomas Krauss and his team at the University of York have the potential to transform personalised medicine – but in such a competitive field, being first to market is everything. Since the autumn of 2016, Translate has […]

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From space engineering to medical technologies


For computer scientist and engineer Professor Dorothy Monekosso, the Translate programme has provided an invaluable link to potential end users: the clinicians, commissioners, service providers and patients who might benefit from the technologies she develops.

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Moving early stage technology forward – fast

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Getting involved in the Translate programme brings significant value to researchers with early stage technologies, according to Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Huddersfield, Joe Sweeney. Professor Sweeney has developed a simple chemical process to create florescent compounds, but needed support to develop clinical applications for the technology.

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Introducing flexibility to my work – Dr Christopher Russell



My name is Dr Christopher Russell and I am a postdoctoral researcher currently based in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds. I am presently working on a multi-disciplinary research project to design and fabricate neural electrodes to be utilised for brain-machine interfaces.

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Career Development – Dr. Andrew Aldridge



My name is Dr. Andrew Aldridge and I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher working in the field of Regenerative Medicine, specifically the use of adult stem cells in combination with tissue scaffolds.

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Our partners

Translate: Medical Technologies in the Leeds City Region is a new partnership of universities in the Leeds City Region with world-class expertise in the development of new medical technologies.

Translate will develop nationally leading capability in Medical Technology Innovation in the Leeds City Region, establishing a sustainable community of academic, industry and clinical partners that are connected and committed to working in partnership to deliver a strong local economy and patient benefits.

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