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Case Studies

In autumn 2015, the UK Government announced Science and Innovation Audits (SIAs) to catalyse a new approach to regional economic development. In the Leeds City Region, we focused on our strengths in medical technologies.

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In this short film, key leaders and participants in the programme describe how Translate is driving the development of new medical technologies in our region.

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Matching emerging technologies with growing markets The small, sensitive and low-cost silicon biosensor technologies being developed by Professor Thomas Krauss and his team at the University of York have the potential to transform personalised medicine – but in such a competitive field, being first to market is everything. Since the autumn of 2016, Translate has […]

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For computer scientist and engineer Professor Dorothy Monekosso, the Translate programme has provided an invaluable link to potential end users: the clinicians, commissioners, service providers and patients who might benefit from the technologies she develops.

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Getting involved in the Translate programme brings significant value to researchers with early stage technologies, according to Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Huddersfield, Joe Sweeney. Professor Sweeney has developed a simple chemical process to create florescent compounds, but needed support to develop clinical applications for the technology.

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As the University of York’s academic lead in the Translate partnership, Dr Stephen Smith uses his expertise in developing and commercialising technologies to advise on the support offered through the Translate programme.

A reader in the Department of Electronics at York, Dr Smith is co-founder of a spin out company developing technology to help diagnose and manage the treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease. As such, he has first-hand knowledge of how to handle the complex challenges of commercialisation within the Medtech sector – insight that is valuable for advising Translate where it might offer additional support to projects.

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